Valuation of Plant, Machinery and Infrastructure is a tedious procedure and a mandatory process for evaluating company’s annual financial, economic growth and for insurance purpose. Valuation is the fundamental for the business owner to understand the worth of their asset as most of the profit depends on these resources. Getting a right advise at the right time helps the business to avoid any risk factors in future.

Valuation helps the business to take decision on any new asset investment,fair market value, lease accounting, lease structuring and sale, impairment studies, cost investigation and loan collateralization and support. If a business plans to enter into collaboration with any foreign companies, then these valuation plays a major role in taking up the decision.

Valuation of plant, machinery and infrastructure method various for each and every industry. Our company with dedicated team of experts with high expertise and experience, examine and
applies best practice method with an unique approach that satisfies every business needs. Our expertise provide one stop solution and have experience in handling valuation in a wide array of industries like Agriculture, Chemicals, Mines and Minerals, Food, Health care, Hospitality, Plastic, Rubber, Steel, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals etc

A through study of the asset details of the business, circulating market situation, standard of maintenance of the plant and machinery and the infrastructure enables our valuer to provide a fair and tailor mailed solution. The report submitted by our valuer can be utilized in take decisions on

• Sales and acquisition strategies
• Total asset allocation and expansion plan
• Pre and post-merger acquisition
• Financial reporting
• True value market
• Court & litigation issues

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