For some people, purchasing a property may seem like yet another expense, but it is an investment. Property valuation has become necessary in order to make every hard-earned penny worthwhile for future endeavors. It is generally conducted on a request by the people or a lending institution who want to fund the purchase of a property.

A residential property valuation, as the name speaks for itself, contains information like rates, physical details like the size of land, construction, and condition.

Being a crucial part of a loan application process. A bank performs property valuation to identify whether the value of a property covers the loan. It gives a lending institution confidence that they are funding the right purchase. Banks wants to be sure that in case buyer not able to make payments as per commitment, they can recover their money by reselling that property.

Also, property valuation requires when a property owner wants to sell its property.

In this process, a real-estate expert visits the property. Then, he/she analyzes the property, measure and note down its details such as building structure, conditions, structural faults, number of rooms, layout, fittings, and need for improvements.

In the end, there is no shortage of people who request property valuation to get an exact idea about their property value and the way to increase it.

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