Real Estate Valuation

Real Estate Valuation is a process estimating the complete value of a property. Each property is unique so each and every property should be evaluated based on key factors like location, dynamic market price, comparative market value, investment value, liquidation value, etc.

The property valuation whether it is a land valuation or home valuation or any commercial properties, right decision should be taken by getting the opinion from a real estate advisory. Our valuer being a specialist with an up to date knowledge about the real estate market provides a clear valuation report. The process includes:

  • Collects all the information required
  • Evaluate the information gathered and compare with the current prevailing market study
  • Does a through study of the property which includes land or building sale information, cost value, replacement cost etc
  • Based on information, our valuer applies the best and appropriate valuation techniques
  • Analysis and finalize the property value estimate
  • Provides a complete report

The report submitted by our valuer helps the owner of the property to determine the capitalization value of the property, which enables the owner to understand the income that can be generated from the property. It educate the owner to known the exact valve of their property by providing a comparative study of the properties in the same market area. It enables the property owner to take decision on buy or sell a property or what to build in the property etc.

So if you are planing for a property investment, get in touch with our real estate adviser for a safe and profitable investment.

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